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  Use these famous British Apex round shaped Colorado blades for a faster start up spin. With it's good round tail area to help the fast start up. Use them for any of your Kokanee spinner lures.

$0.00 - $14.77

 One of the North West favorate Kokanee dodgers. Made here in Oregon.

$0.00 - $12.94

 Kit components are the blank, cork handle kit, and guide set. The cork will be reamed to fit the blank.

You'll need Flex Coat thread finish, epoxy glue and size A guide thread.

$0.00 - $165.38

  This blade has more of a tear drop shape. It will swing out from your line a little farther than the Mag Willow blade. The Intense Glow - N - Dark finish will stay light longer.

$0.00 - $8.41

  This 6mm Wedding Ring has a Silver or Gold Plate frame with your choice of 10 different Rhinestone bead colors. This bead will reflect the surrounding component finishes for maximum fish attraction.

$0.00 - $19.95