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oochee hred

  This head insert will rotate, twist, and flare out your Hoochie skirt for more attraction. Insert the pointed end into the Hoochie head, leaving the wings in the skirt to spin. This will also make your skirt open up. As you trol it will twist, rotate, and pulsate the Hoochie skirt. 




$0.00 - $27.77

 This kit has all the components to build your Colorado 3 1/2 - 360 spinner. Make the choices you want for bead & hook tube color,  blade model & finish, hook size & finish.

$0.00 - $21.97

  Use these famous British Apex round shaped blades for a faster start up spin. With it's good round tail area to help the fast start up and cup for more vibration. Use them for any of your Kokanee spinner lures.

$0.00 - $18.57