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 These 3 1/2 Colorado are a premuim Blade. The Rainbow finish has a Polyurethane coating to stop any pain peeling. They start as Polish Brass material. There polished and plated, Copper, Silver, Gold and 50/50 Gold/Nickle. The Copper has a Polyurethane finish added to stop any tarnishing or finger prints. Your Gold and Silver finish have a much brighter flash than a Polish Brass or Nickle finish.

$0.00 - $10.96

This Hoochie size is a in between size. It is beeing used on larger Kokanee

lures as well with the Salmon 360 trolling spinner. You can use the insert

Rotator to flare out the skirt to shake and rotate it.

$0.00 - $15.10

 These finely detailed french blades feature a raised, hammered finished, dome and are stamped from heavy.032 solid brass sheet. Polished and plated finishes are completely free from rough or sharp edges. The hammered design of these blades will give a dimpled reflection, rather than the large flash of a smooth surfaced blade.

$0.00 - $62.62

 These Bell bodies are turned from brass material. With a brass bell and the brass clicker inside the bottom, when the two surfaces hit each other you will get a louder bang sound. There is a spinner on the market now that has a pot metal bell, which gives off a lower sound. To finish building your spinner you will need to order the hook, clevis and blade of your choice.

$0.00 - $56.43

Heavy .032 french blade, match with our balanced torpedo bodies.

$0.00 - $81.24

 Good body balance, match to with #4 .032 french blades.

$7.19 - $70.60

Panther you know what style blade, starts fast.

$0.00 - $25.27