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Fisherman's Shack

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                               Sept. 3rd through OCTOBER 5th

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                      Hours 10am-4pm, closed Sunday,                                                        Coming out to the shop?

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                                             2" Hoochie                                                          Mag Willow Rainbow




                                #6 Winchester Bay Silver Casting Blade                               #6/10 Stainless Chain Swivel




                                                                      NEW: Hoochie Dying Dips                                                                                                                                     



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NEW for 2012 MATT White Silver Plate. Good body balance, match to with #4 .032 french blades.

$0.00 - $205.68

NEW for 2012 MATT White Silver Plate. Good body balance, match with our #5 .032 french blades.

$0.00 - $236.78

 Tight woven hollow nylon cord, use with slinky shot.

 This cord is made with Pride in U.S.A.

$0.00 - $19.39

 Perfectly round drift fishing shot used with slinky cord.

 This shot is made with Pride in U.S.A.

$0.00 - $56.78

               Welcome to Tim Barnett's Guide Service!


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