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 These Dodgers are used by many suppliers using different names for there dodgers ( Action, Sling, Father Murphy, Hoochie Kikker etc. )  If you need a lot of reflection choose the Silver w/ polyurethane over coat to stop any tarnishing  or 24K Gold plate dodger. Your precious metals will throw out more light than the Polish Brass and Nickel finishes.  


$0.00 - $14.86

 This blade is more of a tear drop shape giving you a bright flash. It will swing out from your line a little farther than the Mag Willow blade. 

$0.00 - $19.16

 Another Kokanee blade that works well on your Wedding Ring spinners. This blade will give you mopre side flash, because it spins closer to your line or spinner wire shaft.

$0.00 - $16.78

These Acrylic Stack beads are popular with fisherman building Wedding Ring spinners for Kokanee.

$0.00 - $9.90

These Slinky kits have all the Deluxe kit components to make the given sizes of slinkys. The NEW Deluxe tool will have the size tube to make the given shot sizes in the kits. The kits will have .180, .240, or .300  tubes, cord, and 1# total shot to match all the shot sizes in the kit you select.  ( example .180, .240 Kit 6 oz. of each size etc. )

These tools are made in Oregon U.S.A.



$0.00 - $30.05

These blades work where there is a herring bite. The long shape gives off a good flash from the side.



$0.00 - $6.66

Heavy VMC 9131BZ Bronze,  hooks, on Jig Heads with a material tying collar.

$0.00 - $25.97