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  24k Gold, 50/50 24k Gold/Nickel ( split down the center ), Silver Plate, Copper Plate w/Polyurethane over coat to stop any tarnishing, finishes. Gold and Silver plating, compared to Polish Brass or Nickel is the amount of reflection thrown back from the surface of the dodger. Your precious metals will not absorb the light like the Polish Brass or Nickel finishes. If you need flash these are your choices. These dodgers are plated over brass material on both sides. When fishing a shallow lake with this dodger try it with out any added weight than the dodger itself. It has both ends cupped, it will dive a little under water. See what you think for the depth you want.

$0.00 - $9.86

 These Dodgers are used by many suppliers using different names for there dodgers ( Action, Sling, Father Murphy, Hoochie Kikker etc. )  If you need a lot of reflection choose the Silver w/ polyurethane over coat to stop any tarnishing  or 24K Gold plate dodger. Your precious metals will throw out more light than the Polish Brass and Nickel finishes.  


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 These Bell bodies are turned from brass material. With a brass bell and the brass clicker inside the bottom, when the two surfaces hit each other you will get a louder bang sound. There is a spinner on the market now that has a pot metal bell, which gives off a lower sound. To finish building your spinner you will need to order the hook, clevis and blade of your choice.

$0.00 - $115.29

These Acrylic Stack beads are popular with fisherman building Wedding Ring spinners for Kokanee.

$0.00 - $9.90

Cork has fore years been the traditional grip material. Granted flora quality is almost non existant these days. This is A grade cork, with a smooth well shaped finish. most of the grips have been filled and finished. When you finish installing your grips it's a good idea to apply some U-40 Cork Sealer to keep the filled areas in tack when cleaning your grips after some egg fishing or grime.


$0.00 - $29.70

Medium to Heavy freshwater guide, also a good fly stripping guide, Hialoy ring ( the hardest grade of Aluminum Oxide available )

$0.00 - $1.99

Light to Medium freshwater guide, Hialoy ring ( the hardest grade of Aluminum Oxide available )

$0.00 - $2.89

Heavy VMC 9131BZ Bronze,  hooks, on Jig Heads with a material tying collar.

$0.00 - $25.97

Used to adjust you lure depth, under a float or trolling for salmon.

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Use as a hook stiffening and color target attractor. 

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