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Fisherman's Shack


                 503-838 6395 Component Question, and placing a Orders.

                                    Hours 10am - 4pm, closed Sunday.

                                Call  first if your coming out to the shop.

              New made in Oregon U.S.A. ROGUE ROD Blanks


                                        ( NEW ) ARROW FLASH DODGERS 7 Colors & Finishes       

    Why not build your own Kokanee lures and SAVE??                                                       


     Stack Beads                00 Colorado            Wedding Rings         Hammered Mag Willow 


          Swing Dodger             Intense Golw n Dark            Head Insert              Hoochie Dye



 NEW PRICES Hoochie  VMC Kokanee        Dakota Blade           Snelled VMC         Diamond Indiana 

       Hammered Indiana  Hammered ColoradoScale Indiana  Glow n Dark Indiana   Dakota Dodger  Hammered Indiana  Hammered Colorado

                                               Jig  Tying Materials


 Jig Heads               Marabou      Powder Paint   Krystal Flash      Wax U-Ni Therad



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                 Welcome to: JW's GUIDE SERVICE

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             Welcome to: Tim Barnett's Guide Service!


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                                                Cel ( 503 ) 812 - 8228