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These Acrylic Stack beads are popular with fisherman building Wedding Ring spinners for Kokanee.

$0.00 - $22.69

 These are a 2" long Hoockie w/ Glo n Dark eyes, used for your Kokanee lure building. This is a explanation of the color example of code:  (  Head color / Skirt colors ), #PKORCHP - Pink / Orange - Chartreuse Pearl UV, Pink Head / Orange - Charteuse skirt.

$0.00 - $22.35

  This Dodger design goes by many names ( Tackle, Sling, Kicker, Swing, Farther Murphy ) 24k Gold or Silver / polyurethane coated plating, compared to Polish Brass or Nickel is the amount of reflection thrown back from the surface of the dodger. Your precious metals will not absorb the light like the other finishes. If you need flash these are your choices. These dodgers are plated over brass material on both sides. These Dodgers are the same shape as the, Action Dodger and Sling Blade Dodger.  If you need more swing action just bend the blade a little till you get the action your looking for. 

$0.00 - $157.24

These small smilies blades work well in front of a Hoochie rig, or on Wedding ring spinners. 

$0.00 - $8.64

 These clevis are popular with the Salmon and Kokonee fisherman. You can change blade colors and finishes when trying to get a blade that will attract the fish better.

$0.00 - $19.50

  Build your Wedding Ring spinners using: Epoxy coated VMC Vanadium Steel V7199 Assorted Colors #4 Kokanee Hooks , use with Wedding Rings and stack beads. FLOURSCENT HOT PINK or FLOURSCENT CHARTREUSE finish with black nickle bare hook point, Black Nickel, or Tin Red finish also available.

$0.00 - $20.94

 This 6mm Wedding Ring has a Silver or Gold Plate frame with your choice of 8 different Rhinestone bead colors. This bead will reflect the surrounding component finishes for maximum fish attraction.

$0.00 - $83.50

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