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Fisherman's Shack

Slinky Shot Made in U.S.A. ( 1, 5, 10 Pound Pack )

Slinky Shot, .180, .240, .300, .330
Tight Woven Cord
Deluxe Tool MADE in Oregon U.S.A.
3 Shot Slinky Kit
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 This shot is consistent in size and perfectly round. A high quality U.S.A. made product. Regular shot (.180"), 50 per. oz.,  Magnum shot (.240") 22 per. oz., Magnum X (.300") , 12 per. oz.or Magnum XX (.330") , 8 per. oz.

 Don't get this shot confused with a shot on the market made by cutting pencil lead in small pieces and tumble it to make it round. That process gives you a shot that isn't constant in O.D. size, sometimes not fitting in the brass slinky tube to fill your cord. This shot is a constant outside diameter and a smooth finish to make a shot that loads easy in the cord.

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