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EZ Spin

 The EZ Spin is to be used on wire only, it will cut monofilament. The folded and quick change can be used on monofilament, check your line when using the folded. The quick change is great for changing blades and won't affect your monofilament.

Hook Bonnet
Latex Hook Tube

 Hook tubing is a good attractor to add to your hook shank, for more possible strikes.

Twist-Tech Wire Forming Tool

The Twist-Tec Wire Forming Tool is a very functional tool that all your components are being assembled, and formed out in the open. With some tools your limited to the width of the inside of the tool. This makes it hard to build the longer Musky and Salmon spinners.

Stainless Steel Split Rings
Twis-T-Tec Spinner Tool