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I am Proud to be able to offer  North Fork Composites  line of Steelhead and Salmon Graphtie rod blanks. This is a GARY LOOMIS company so I know the designs, materials, manufacturing equipment, and quality control is the best in the industry. Currently, we employ three different levels of carbon fiber, either individually or as blends:

  IM: The core material at NFC. Our IM provides a performance level that “punches above its weight,”
while still having “everyday” fishing toughness. IM is a great choice for a wide range of blanks.
  HM: When even our IM isn't good enough. This is a high-modulus, Paper Carbon Scrim (PCS) material
that creates a truly exceptional blank. Want the best possible performance from your blank? Here you go.

"Raw Carbon". All of our blanks come in what we call raw carbon—no added color, coating or weight.
Our blanks are sanded with a 15-micron grit and then smoothly buffed. We feel that such a pure,
unadulterated finish allows our blanks to perform at their unencumbered best

$179.00 - $290.00
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