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 These Dodgers are used by many suppliers using different names for there dodgers ( Action, Sling, Father Murphy, Hoochie Kikker etc. )  If you need a lot of reflection choose the Silver w/ polyurethane over coat to stop any tarnishing  or 24K Gold plate dodger. Your precious metals will throw out more light than the Polish Brass and Nickel finishes.  


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 Stamped and formed from solid brass sheet with precision to assure free rotation of the spinner blade. Can be used on monofilament lines, for your Kokanee trolling spinners, check your line for grooving.



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  24k Gold, 50/50 24k Gold/Nickel ( split down the center ), Silver Plate, Copper Plate w/Polyurethane over coat to stop any tarnishing, finishes. Gold and Silver plating, compared to Polish Brass or Nickel is the amount of reflection thrown back from the surface of the dodger. Your precious metals will not absorb the light like the Polish Brass or Nickel finishes. If you need flash these are your choices. These dodgers are plated over brass material on both sides. When fishing a shallow lake with this dodger try it with out any added weight than the dodger itself. It has both ends cupped, it will dive a little under water. See what you think for the depth you want.

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 These clevis allow you to quickly change blades when re-rigging. Simply snap them in and out effortlessly. The plastic system does not cut the line and the design makes changing blades quick and easy. Great for trolling spinners on monofilament. Mini Troll are White in color.

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 These clevis are popular with the Salmon and Kokonee fisherman. You can change blade colors and finishes when trying to get a blade that will attract the fish better. ( USE FOR TROLLING ONLY )

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