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Tear Drop Body

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This blade is a copy of the original Panther Martin blade. It starts to spin as soon as it enters the water current. You can retreve it  a slower speed. Good blade for steelhead and trout.

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Panther you know what style blade, starts fast.

$0.00 - $41.82

Panther you know what style blade, spins well.

$0.00 - $29.67

Good in slow water, maximum flash.

$0.00 - $29.67

Starts spinning fast in slow water current.

$0.00 - $16.58

 These Bell bodies are turned from brass material. With a brass bell and the brass clicker inside the bottom, when the two surfaces hit each other you will get a louder bang sound. There is a spinner on the market now that has a pot metal bell, which gives off a lower sound. To finish building your spinner you will need to order the hook, clevis and blade of your choice.

$0.00 - $33.61

This blade is a fast rotation start. Use in slower water or for a slower retreive.

$0.00 - $12.57

Like the Panther you know what blade, starts up fast. Good slow water and slow retreive choice.

$0.00 - $24.14
Torpedo Body