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.032 French Blade

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 These finely detailed french blades feature a raised, hammered finished, dome and are stamped from heavy.032 solid brass sheet. Polished and plated finishes are completely free from rough or sharp edges. The hammered design of these blades will give a dimpled reflection, rather than the large flash of a smooth surfaced blade.

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Use on stainless steel wire shafts, don't use on monofilament it will cut the line. Use a quick, or folded clevis.

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 Stamped and formed from solid brass sheet with precision to assure free rotation of the spinner blade. Can be used on monofilament lines, for your Kokanee trolling spinners, check your line for grooving.



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 These clevis are popular with the Salmon and Kokonee fisherman. You can change blade colors and finishes when trying to get a blade that will attract the fish better. 

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 These clevis allow you to quickly change blades when re-rigging. Simply snap them in and out effortlessly. The plastic system does not cut the line and the design makes changing blades quick and easy. Great for trolling spinners on monofilament. Troll are White, Casting Black in color.

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